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Stragis Environmental Services Inc. will help your company reduce risk, liability and costs.

Specialists in storage tank (petroleum, propane and natural gas) asset management, as well as environmental monitoring for natural ecosystem systems and municipal infrastructure (including, stormwater management) projects, Stragis can provide a variety of services including compliance assessments and inspections; performance monitoring; risk assessments, and; life cycle assessments to ensure your assets are managed in an effective, efficient, and reliable manner which will reduce your company’s RISKLIABILITY, and COSTS.

Stragis also understands that when developing industry, municipal or environmental infrastructure, each design is based on finite information and assumptions about development timing and build-out activity. It is therefore crucial for any project's successful implementation that a set of targets or indicators be determined at the outset, which can be monitored over time. This applies not only to the natural environment but also in most cases hard capital infrastructure. This can include the monitoring of sanitary sewer systems for assessing surplus capacities for growing communities, infills (including "Brownfield" sites), expanded residential subdivisions and industries.

Monitoring results can also help determine whether infrastructure components have been properly conceived, or if changes to a structure are needed. This includes real-time adaptive monitoring programs to account for changes that have developed in the same area over time. To accomplish this goal, Stragis uses state-of-the-art best practices and equipment, including Internet-of-Things (IoT) database systems that can be linked to Smart De-Risk Technology” (SDRT) tools for any petroleum storage, surface water (quantity & quality), stormwater, groundwater or sewer infrastructure project.

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